Parallel 170 Wall bath (Acrylic)


Bath in acrylic for placement against the wall with central discharge.

Bath set with clic-clac and overflow included.

Technical information

Material: acrylic

Available finishings: Shiny white

Finish clic-clac and overflow: available in more than 20 finishes, see below

Dimensions: 170 x 80 x H: 58 cm

Remarks: siphon must be ordered separately


Information acryl bathtubs


An acrylic bath has been integrated into the bathroom for years. It is easy to clean and quickly takes the pleasant temperature of the water. Acrylic is colourfast, so it retains its color and luster for a long time, feels comfortable and is attractive in price. Our acrylic baths come in many different shapes and are therefore ideal for your rural or cottage bathroom.


For an acrylic bath you can use a soft bathroom all-purpose cleaner with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive or scouring pad. Stubborn stains can be removed with a sponge and a liquid, non-scratchy detergent that has been sufficiently diluted with water. It is best to remove limescale deposits with a suitable descaling agent. Before using a cleaning agent, check whether it is harmless to the bath and its components; therefore first try the product in an inconspicuous place. Lime can also be easily removed with a mild vinegar. Always rinse thoroughly with water after cleaning. In order to keep your acrylic bath (and the tiles around the bath or bath screen) as good as new for as long as possible, after showering you can wipe off most of the water with a wiper and then dry it out quickly with a towel. With intensive use, the bottom of your bath can become dull. You can restore the shine by giving the shower tray a polish.