Clarence II Bathtub (Duroxite)


Single ended bath in duroxite with feet, without a tap platform.

Technical information

Single ended bath in duroxite with feet, without a tap platform.

Dimensions: 175 x 83 x h 67-84,5 cm

Weight: +/- 55 Kg

Capacity: +/- 220 L



Extra information

Duroxite is a high-tech composite material consisting of artificial marble with a gel-coated top layer. This material has excellent insulating properties, so that the water in your bath stays warm for an exceptionally long time. The material feels pleasant and is very easy to maintain. The gelcoat top layer has virtually no pores, so that dirt and bacteria cannot adhere to it. This top layer also has a high durability and can withstand many chemicals.

For a composite product, this artificial marble has an unusually low weight, which makes installation much easier. It is not because the product weighs lighter than other composite products that it is less sturdy. Thanks to a specific mix of selected quarts and marbles components, together with glass reinforcement materials, this product has a greater resistance than the other artificial marbles.

Most Duroxite baths can optionally be finished with the outside and the legs in a color of your choice. The inside is always shiny white. We can offer the exterior in the color range of our country furniture. We try to approach these colors as well as possible, but given that the material of the baths and the furniture is different, there will always be a slight difference between the color of the furniture and the bath.

You can also choose a real color of your choice. The colors can be obtained in both a glossy and a matt finish. The baths in duroxite have almost all the positive properties of cast iron baths while having the following additional benefits:

- is much easier to move and install due to its light weight

- can be installed at locations in the home that have less bearing capacity

- the material can be repaired on location in the event of any damage

- is more attractively priced than cast-iron baths


The product is easy to clean with a natural soap or neutral detergent and a soft sponge or cloth. The cleaning agent must not contain any aggressive / corrosive chemicals, abrasives or wax. These products can attack the surface layer.

Limescale deposits can easily be removed by the usual products you use to clean the bathroom (including a mixture of vinegar and lukewarm water).

You can eliminate any micro scratches by polishing the surface with a polishing agent until it shines again.

The maximum temperature of the water must not exceed 60 ° C.

Cottage bath on feet