A shower floor with marble look

Mirage shower floor with marble effect

In a classic, country or design bathroom, people are sometimes looking for a marble shower floor. What if we tell you that we have one without the disadvantages of marble and with an anti-slip score of 3 on the UNE-EN 12633 test. The Mirage shower tray is an elegant shower tray that has the appearance of marble with a high-tech technique called AcryPrint. This shower tray is available in 4 finishes: Calacatta Blanco, Marquina Negro, Travertino Gris and Travertino Beige. More than enough choice to make it fit in any style bathroom. Although it is not custom made unlike most of our other shower floors, it comes in many standard sizes. The cover plate is finished with the same decor as the shower floor itself.

This shower floor has a light stone texture and is finished with a gelcoat top layer that ensures the very high score on the anti-slip test. This top layer is also very scratch resistant and easy to maintain. These are all advantages to the benefit of the current bathrooms.

Discover it on our Aqua Sento website : Receveur de douche Mcbath Mirage

MIRAGE douchevloer in Marquina Negro

MIRAGE douchevloer in Callacata wit

MIRAGE douchevloer afmetingen

Beschikbare decors voor de Mirage douchevloer

  • Posted on: Sept. 10, 2020, 12:59 p.m.
  • Author : Gilad