Brannon 3 cast iron radiator (3 columns)

790.BR3960.xx, 790.BR3760.xx, 790.BR3470.xx

Cast iron radiators, 3 columns. They exist in different heights and are assembled element by element so that you can determine the length yourself. Available in 3 heights: 96, 76 and 47 cm. Available in 4 colors, optionally in a RAL color of your choice.

Technical information

Dimensions per element:

3 different elements:

Height 96 cm x width 7,6 cm x depth 25 cm

Height 76 cm x width 7,6 cm x depth 25 cm

Height 47 cm x width 7,8 cm x depth 25 cm

Watts per element: (connected to the central heating system - Delta T50)

Element 96 cm height: 230 Watts

Element 76 cm height: 180 Watts

Element 47 cm height: 96 Watts

Available in: Anthracite - code: ANTH, RAL 9001 old white - code: OLDWH, RAL 9010 white - code: WHITE, RAL 7030 grey - code: GREY

Optional: any RAL color

Extra information: Different connection kits