Liberty 2-way diverter 1/2” 950.C7040.16.xx for shower system


2-way diverter 1/2” with finish set.

Technical information

Collection: Liberty

Available finishings: Chrome - Polished Nickel - Raw Brass – Polished Brass – Brushed Brass – Antique Gold – Light Bronze Plated – Brushed Chrome – Gold Brass – English Gold – Brushed Nickel - Copper Plated – Tuscan Brass – Matt Black – Matt White – Brushed Dark Bronze – Old Iron – Brushed Black Nickel – Dark Bronze – 24k Gold – 24k Rose Gold

Flow rate: not applicable

Reach: not applicable

Extra information: Put together your own built-in shower ensemble: With the Traditional range you can put together your own built-in shower system. You can choose from thermostatic shower mixers, cut-off valves, diverters, head showers, hand showers, flexible’s, shower arms, waterfall showers, side jets, etc. You have the choice between many retro handles or knobs and 21 different finishes.


Available finishes Traditional

Available finishes Traditional

Chrome - CR Chrome - CR
Polished Nickel - NL Polished Nickel - NL
Raw Brass - OG Raw Brass - OG
Polished Brass - OL Polished Brass - OL
Brushed Brass - OS Brushed Brass - OS
Antique Gold - AG Antique Gold - AG
Light Bronze - BZ Light Bronze - BZ
Brushed Chrome - CB Brushed Chrome - CB
Gold Brass - GB Gold Brass - GB
English Gold - GF English Gold - GF
Brushed Nickel - NS Brushed Nickel - NS
Copper Plated - RA Copper Plated - RA
Tuscan Brass - TB Tuscan Brass - TB
Matt Black - CLN Matt Black - CLN
Matt White - CLB Matt White - CLB
Brushed Dark Bronze - DBM Brushed Dark Bronze - DBM
Old Iron - FV Old Iron - FV
Brushed Black Nickel - NKN Brushed Black Nickel - NKN
Dark Bronze - DB Dark Bronze - DB
24k Gold - GO 24k Gold - GO
24k Rose Gold - RG 24k Rose Gold - RG