Cube collection


The Cube collection comes in a spartan style where we combine steel with marble. The sturdy 3 x 3 cm steel profiles are painted matt black. You can choose from three softened marbles: Molianos, Belgian blue stone and Carrara white. Both the structure and the marble washbasin tablet are adjusted to size in length. The washbasin tablet between 60 and 120 cm has 1 integrated washbasin. From 121 to 160 cm, the washbasin counter has 2 washbasins. You will also discover the same style in the mirror and the tall open cabinet. Choose the raw power that still looks so stylish. Choose a minimalist look that still offers so much comfort.

Technical information

Finishes stone washbasin tablet: Belgian Blue stone, softened (BS) - Carrara white, softened (CWG) - Molianos beige, softened (MN)

Finishes steel frame: painted matt black

Installation: Standing elements


Choice of marbles for the Cube washbasin tablets

Marble: Belgian Blue stone, softened Marble: Belgian Blue stone, softened
marble: Carrara white, softened marble: Carrara white, softened
marble: Molianos (beige), softened marble: Molianos (beige), softened

Extra information