Product Description: 


Pivot door 180° with 2 fixed panels for recess or corner arrangement in combination with fixed panel.

From 138 to 179 cm - Custom made (cm by cm) - Adjustable: - 0 cm / + 4 cm

(1) Please confirm the direction of rotation of the hinges.

(2) Please indicate the dimension after placing the tiles.

Total height: 205 cm
Height of the profiles: 195 cm

Available finishes profiles:

shiny silver (21) - mat black (09) - brushed steel (61) - shiny gold (23) - antique bronze (42) - satin copper (34)

Finitions Gold Afwerkingen


Different available Glasses:

The Gold shower arrangements are available in 3 types of glass. Tempered glass in accordance with international safety standards. Thickness: 6 mm for moving parts, 8 mm for fixed parts. The EXTRA REFLECTIVE GLASS is a mirror on the outside. From the inside you can still look through it quite well (depends on the lighting).

The glasses can optionally be treated against limescale (575.TPA)

The decorative motifs are only available on the TRANSPARENT – 04 glass.Verres GOLD glas



Options GOLD Opties

Gold: A collection of prestigious shower enclosures in a classic style

They combine technological innovation and high-quality material. Stylish and elegant, down to the details. Gold shower enclosures are for the most part made to measure per cm. You can choose from 6 finishes for the anodised profiles and the tempered glass is available in 3 finishes. The clear glass can optionally be personalized with one of the 6 designs.