Majestic bathtub - Liquid Metal (Acrylic)

Majestic bathtub - Liquid Metal (Acrylic)

Product Description: 

Bathtub in acrylic with central drain without a tap platform. Clic-clac bath drain with chrome finish.

The bathroom is becoming more and more important in these hectic times. It is a space where you can relax. It is your safe zone to enjoy me-time. Therefore, create a space that is unique and where you can come home cozy, where your daily washing becomes a pleasure instead of a daily grind. The Majestic bath can contribute to this. This freestanding bath has a retro look but can also belong in a designer bathroom. The exterior is finished with a unique mirror material, available in four finishes: gold, silver, rose gold or copper. The reflection gives a sense of space and harmony with the other objects in the bathroom. Simplicity or glamor? Determines it yourself as the architect of your unique bathroom. Country style, English style, minimalist or design? This freestanding bathtub can easily be the showpiece of your bathroom.


171 x 72 x h 60-65 cm